CANNES, SUN & STARS Spring Summer Season 2017

 2 - Roberto Verino

“My best summer? Without a doubt, the one I have yet to live.” Philip Roth (1933)

 3 - Roberto Verino

“White is white”

The new season is celebrating the return of White embodied in wide and flowing linen pants for her and impeccable retro tailored looks for him. In the meantime, lavender blue stripes triumph on light cotton shirts.

 4 - Roberto Verino

“Preppy Look”
New classics

 5 - Roberto Verino

Inspired by the traditional and eternal style of the elite prep school students of the fifties in the U.S., the “must have” Spring fashions are here.
A shirtwaist “lady” dress with a simple trim and a sensual slit, and a navy blue blazer worn with spotless white pants.

 6 - Roberto Verino

“Happy Mix” The floral “print” is the winner

 7 - Roberto Verino

“Camel & Co”

Elegant and flawless shades, Camel returns to the scene to accompany subtle print shirts. However, they are worn with shorts to offer a “cooler” version of summer fashion.

 8 - Roberto Verino

The eternal dilemma of style, masculine/feminine, is up for debate once again. The masculine blue striped shirt serves as the inspiration for the dress of the season. A real “It” dress: a provocative shirtwaist which bares shoulders and arms and offers a glimpse of the leg along the way.

 9 - Roberto Verino

Stripes all over Masculine versus feminine

 10 - Roberto Verino

“Golden girl”

Shine under the sun like a star with golden reflections from the most sought after designs of the moment. Minimal tops and daring XL bermudas are bathed in a golden aura to make you truly unforgettable.

The trip has just begun...