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Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better surfing experience. If you grant us your consent, we will use these cookies to obtain more information on your preferences and thus customize our Website to meet your specific needs and interests and make your visit to our site easier and more personalized.

Our Company would like to provide you with some background and specific information on the cookies we use on our website. If you would like to receive more information regarding the purpose and use we make of the cookies implemented on our web page, please send an e-mail to

If you are under 16 years of age, you are not permitted to continue your visit to this website, unless you have express consent from your parents or guardians. Our service is not intended for those under 16 years of age, and so we do not process the data obtained from this age group.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file downloaded on the user’s computer, tablet or smartphone, with the purpose of storing data and information which could be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for its installation.

The information obtained from the cookies can include the date and time of the visits to the website, the different tabs you have viewed and the amount of time you have spent on the site.

This information will be used by the web owner to improve its content, make the web more attractive and distribute the contents of greater interest to the visitors more appropriately.

Our entity does not store or process personal information in relation with sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, information pertaining to health or any sensitive information (special data categories, as defined by the European Union’s General Directive on Data Protection).

What kinds of cookies does this website use?

According to the entity in question, the cookies can be:

  • The Website’s Own Cookies: They are the ones sent to the computer of the interested party from the domain or computer of the editor and from which the requested service is provided to the user.

  • Third Party Cookies: Those which are sent to the user’s terminal from a domain or computer which does not belong to the editor, but to another entity which processes the data obtained through cookies.

The Website uses its own and third-party cookies.

According to the time period they remain active, the cookies can be:

  • Session Cookies: They are a type of cookie designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website. They are usually used to store information that is only of interest during the rendering of the service requested by the user for a single occasion (For ex: A list of acquired products).

  • Persistent Cookies: They are a type of cookie in which the data continues to be stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period of time defined by the party responsible for the cookie, and which can range from several minutes to several years.

The Website uses both persistent as well as session cookies.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, it is necessary to accept them and grant express consent. Cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the web and we will always respect your privacy; if you do not agree with this policy, you will not be allowed to visit our website. Our web will process the data which you furnish us solely for the purpose of providing the services you may request at any time. You can always contact the company, either by the e-mail address we have set up to answer all your questions, or by telephone, where our experienced staff can help you in a more personalized and direct manner

Website Cookies

This type of cookie is sent to your computer and processed exclusively by us for the better functioning of our website. The information we obtain will be used to improve the quality of our service and your experience as a user.

These cookies are strictly necessary for offering a service or contents requested by the registered user. They are intended for technical purposes, such as: remembering identifications of visits; preferences for the tools used to access the contents; interaction with the contents; localization of access to the contents; analysis of the data to improve performance; analysis of users by virtue of certain surfing parameters; elaboration of surfing profiles of the users and statistics. The overall purpose is to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the data. This type of cookie can have a specific duration: imminent expiration; expiration when the session is ended; a term expiration. The chart below furnishes information in regard to this kind of cookie:





It stores the latest surfing preferences.

Shopping Cart

It identifies the user and stores information on the contents of the shopping cart.

Third Party Cookies

They are those which are sent to your computer from another terminal or domain which is not handled by us, but by another collaborating entity. They are analytical cookies used by Google, or by social networks to offer the user the possibility of sharing or recommending contents from our website.

They are cookies which are not strictly necessary for providing services, such as, for example, advertising from third parties; information on results; surfing habits; performance improvement. This type of cookie is used to obtain information for the following purposes: processing the advertisements; determining surfing habits; analyzing and measuring results. Just as in the case of the preceding cookies, this type of cookie can have a variable expiration: imminent, daily or with a greater scope of time. An informative chart on this type of cookie is included with information furnished by third parties. These cookies can be subdivided according to types and scopes.

  • Performance Cookies: They make it possible to adapt your surfing according to the preferences associated with the device used during your visits.

  • Geo-location Cookies: Its main purpose is to adapt the contents to the location of the connecting device.

  • Registered User Cookies: The purpose is to identify the user during the visit or the session initiated, making it possible to maintain the identification as long as the session is not ended. The session cookies are eliminated when the session is terminated.

  • Connection Cookies with Social Networks: They collect session information on the profile of the connection through the social network selected. They can be revoked, depending upon the preferences established in the individual profiles. These cookies are configured by the service providers of the social networks, which establish their own privacy policies for that purpose.

  • Analytical Cookies: An analytical cookie can be created through third party suppliers and their tools for conducting surveys and collecting data. Analytical cookies make it possible to identify the connection device in order to measure the time of the connection and the contents visited, and the main goal is to measure the performance and improve the surfing.

The companies creating these cookies have their own privacy policies, which establish their declarations, as well as their opt-out systems.

Below is a detailed list of all the third-party cookies used by this website, as well as their characteristics and purposes:



Type of cookie

More information


Google Analitics


It makes it possible to analyze the traffic on the web and collect surfing statistics.

Third parties – Research Analysis




They are used to monitor the advertising activity on the Bing network and can offer advertising adapted to the user.

Third parties – Advertising




They are used to offer the users relevant products that can be of interest to the people who have visited the website before.




They store information on how the Vimeo videos are used so that they can be improved and inform on our productivity.

Third parties – Reproduction preferences




They are used to protect the user’s account and display product and service advertisements that may be of interest to the user.


They are used to initiate the session, conserve preferences, personalize the contents shown and display advertisements which may be useful to the user; as well as protect against spam and abuse.






They are used to show relevant contents in terms of the users’ interests, as well as protect them.




They show contents related to the Pines, panels, people and websites with which the user has interacted. They are also used to initiate the session, remember adjustments and prevent security risks.




They display advertisements and contents which may be relevant to the customer.


We use the Remarketing Tool of Google Adwords. This tool makes it possible to publish on Google’s Contents Network, advertisements based on the user’s previous visits to our Website. In order to do so, some of the Website pages include a code called a “remarketing label”. These labels make it possible to read and configure the browser’s cookies to determine the type of specific advertisements that will be shown to the user, in terms of the elements related to his or her visit to our Website, as, for example, the surfing circuit chosen, the specific pages visited or the actions carried on these pages. The remarketing lists created in this way maintain a data base on the Google servers, where they store all the cookie IDs associated with each list or category of interest. The information obtained only allows for identifying a specific browser, but Google cannot identify the specific user with this information alone.

How can I configure or disable the cookies used on this website?

In order to restrict or block the cookies, you should modify the configuration of your browser. Generally speaking, browsers offer configuration options in relation to the installation of cookies.

If the installation of all cookies on a Website is blocked, some of its functions as well as some of its contents might be affected.

Changes in the Cookies Policy

We may update the Cookies Policy on our website. For this reason, we suggest you review this policy every time you access our website to make sure that you are suitably informed as to how and why we use the cookies.

The Cookies Policy of was revised for the last time on 31/08/2018.


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