Goda Karosaite


Who she is A Journalism graduate from the University of Miami, Karosaite is the brilliant founder of “Fit Food”. This pioneer business endeavor, based on the marketing of delicious juices and “detox” plans, has become a great success in Madrid.

Identifying characteristics A determined and innovating person, Karosaite has just inaugurated a “salad bar” at her store on Madrid’s Calle Génova, which offers the possibility of creating your own salad with more than thirty healthy ingredients. New and delightful flavors for juices, a “detox” plan which will include food -and not just juices-, and new product lines designed exclusively for her stores, such as top model Elle McPherson’s secret formula, Super Elixir, are all included on her Agenda this winter.

Editorial Goda AW 2017 - Roberto Verino
Editorial Goda AW 2017 - Roberto Verino

My style “I am very practical and Comfort is the main theme in my wardrobe. I seek quality fabrics above all else and timeless designs”. Fashion “musts” “This winter, I will invest in a masculine-cut tweed coat, wide pants with tucks, a couple of men’s shirts – plain and striped-, and an XL jacket”.

Five essentials “I am devoted to my steam pipe jeans, the “perfect” style leather windbreakers, cashmere sweaters, motorcycle boots and a bag large enough to hold my computer”. The leading look for daytime “A pair of jeans, running shoes, a shirt with a V-neck sweater, a masculine style blazer and a maxi scarf”. The leading look for evening “Leather pants with a lingerie top and a long dress worn with boots and a blazer”. Recommended RV buys “I am in love with the gilded leather pants in the photos and the gold and silver lurex sweater is extremely flattering. It is the wild card for one’s wardrobe and ideal to wear at any time of day or night”.

Goda Karosaite - Roberto Verino