from the artist

Nuria Mora

The minimalist essence of the 90s and the sporty spirit of the 70s celebrate the new season. The twentieth anniversary of the death of the undisputed muse of the 90s, Carolyn Bessette, together with her husband, John F. Kennedy Jr. -July 16, 1999-, has turned this emblematic couple into a wonderful source of inspiration. This highly worthy tribute envelops us in a silhouette of refined and masterful lines. Pinstripes, cool wool, napa, tech fabrics… Genuine raw materials from the nineties is combined with the leading fabrics of the 70s: rustic and handcrafted knit, denim and suede. The end result? A winter that will reveal a perfect balance between the sobriety of one decade and the romanticism of another.
And all of this is possible without the need to sacrifice our ability to dream.