Natalia López

Who She Is

Veteran and famous model Natalia López is now a successful entrepreneur with a booming business, “Vajillas de Ultramar" (Crockery from Abroad). She has a small and charming “atelier”, in which the crockery is produced in a totally handcrafted manner, according to a selection of unique and sophisticated designs. There is already a waiting list. Among the fashion clients of this top model -who was on her way to becoming a professional ballerina and is also an actress-, we can mention such outstanding names as: Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Loewe and Donna Karan.


“After my pregnancy, I started to focus once again on the way I dressed and it was time to change my look. I went back into the fashion game and I enjoy getting ready for any occasion. I like to observe the street style and adopt daring combinations. And even though my style is and always has been clearly relaxed and timeless I have to say that I like running shoes just as much as high heels”.

“Savoir faire top” “This winter, I have selected the following: a functional and refined wool overcoat, to wear with a midi knit dress; a tweed jacket, to combine with culottes or bermudas; XL velvet pants, to mix with a man’s checked shirt and cowboy boots, to add a totally different look to everything”. "Shopping" model “My seven essentials which are never lacking in my wardrobe are: the eternal white blouse “a la garçon”, jeans in an endless range of shapes and blue shades, pants with darts, a t-shirt, a man’s style blazer, a raincoat and moccasins. During the day, I like pencil skirts with running shoes and at night, nothing is better than a tuxedo with minimal high sandals ". Natalia & Verino “I modelled for this label twenty years ago and I am happy to still be in close contact with the company. I admire the eternal elegance of the name so much and the quality of the fabrics. But above all else, I admire Roberto for his wonderful personal qualities”. Recommended RV purchases “This season I have chosen a gray knit dress and a multi-striped lurex turtle neck sweater. I also think that I will give in to a pair of gray pumps with a comfortable heel so that I can wear them all day long”.