Laura Ponte

Laura Ponte - Roberto Verino

Take good note of the leading looks for this season offered by one of our favorite Spanish models and the best ambassador of our company. Six special looks designed for our Spring – Summer 2018 collection, which is already on sale, and orchestrated according to Laura’s her highly prized “savoir faire”.

Mix & Chic

Welcome to an indeed memorable photo session in which our “top” stylist was able to select her favorite items from the new Roberto Verino collections for the arrival of Spring and show off all the creativity which characterizes her. Unusual combinations and layering, accessories with a striking note of color and a discrete but clearly cool air make her proposals totally irresistible.

Masculine versus Feminine Nobody like Laura can interpret the eternal garçon style. A masculine, checked, blazer, size “S”, becomes the best ally for multi-striped feminine pants. “I like the contrast of stripes and checks and how this ethnic print foulard adds the perfect note of color to the final look. A combination of colored stripes Light and refreshing stripes embodied in all kinds of garments are almost a sure bet. For our stylist, the key lies in wearing them in different colors and styles. “I love the simplicity of a loose blouse with a simple, flare skirt, and a vibrant colored bag as an accessory”. Flowers, flowers, flowers The time has come to take another of the summer trends out into the street: flowers. The floral universe triumphs this season. Laura surrenders to a matching blouse and skirt ensemble but contrasts its uniformity with high, white leather boots. “Accessories are always decisive for adding a touch of modernity to any look.” Sequins in the sun Here we have another lesson of unforgettable style: wear sequins or paillettes during the day. Usually relegated to the evening, Laura puts a current street style to the test and ignores traditional formulas. She creates a master equation: a straight midi skirt with sequins and a men’s shirt. “It is an unexpected and infallible combination.” Recommended RV Purchases Laura ‘s wardrobe is as eclectic and personal as she is. A mixture of truly charming vintage garments coexists in her closet in perfect harmony with items featuring a more functional and regal design. “I would highlight from this collection the wrap-around XL jacket made from soft and fine red nappa, due to the quality of its leather and its great versatility.”