7 Key Trends

Discover the ultimate proposals thatyou should have in your wardrobe this season. Seven reliable options which will guarantee your success.

7 Tendencias OI2018-19 - Roberto Verino

1. First Lady

This new season will put the accent on pastel shades and classic garments with a sophisticated cut, very much in the “U.S. First Lady” style. Feel super confidentin the majestic elegance of a baby blue coat with a fur collar.

2. Sweater Dress 2.Sweater DRESS

A new and versatileitem emerges from among the latest trends to show off its enormous functionality. Urban and adaptable, with a midiskirt, high boots and a silk scarf,itcreates an unbeatable look.

7 Tendencias OI2018-19 - Roberto Verino

7 Tendencias OI2018-19 - Roberto Verino

One of the most striking revelations of this winter features the scarf as a leading option for the most popular dress. A shirtwaist dress, with a striking print, to be worn with ankle-boots, special stockings and a leather coat.

4. Black & White

4. The eternal combination of the most classic elegance, Black &White stands out once again. Reflected in the English checkedand hound’s toothprints, the idea now is to combine it with all kinds of styles and sizes.

5. Coat

Straight out of the seventies, the double-faced fur coat par excellence returns in 2019. Warm and practical, it is an excellent investment. Wear it with a midi-skirt and fancy shoes to create a more feminine look.


If you are already familiar with its sportier version, check out its more sophisticated one now. Metallized in silver, theunconditionalfeathers clearly become a "must have".. P.S.: It goes great with an alpine sweater. Metallic Feathers


Relive all the glamour of the decade of the forties with a long, flowing silk evening gown. And wrap yourself up in another essential and highly contemporary garment: a fringed cape.