Mauricio Chiandussi

Mauricio Chiandussi 1 - Roberto Verino

The image of the "W of Roberto Verino" in the past, our "top" father today is the manager of the "Traffic Models" office in Madrid and a wonderful ambassador for this very special occasion.

Chiandussi, wearing a sand-colored cotton/linen suit and blue-striped running shoes. With white jeans and a black leather bomber jacket, playing with his four year-old son, Mateo.

Mauricio Chiandussi 4 - Roberto Verino

Mauricio Chiandussi 6 - Roberto Verino

A model father

Fifteen years after personifying the image of our company, Mauricio Chiandussi poses once again for Verino, but this time it is with his two little children: Mateo, four years old, and Nico, just four months. "They have come into my life at the perfect time and I enjoy them so much. Mateo has incredible energy, never stops and he is a great deal of fun. Nico is still too young for me to know what he will be like. He is a really good baby, is always smiling and I cannot stop kissing and hugging him", says the handsome father. "Physically speaking, they look just like me. I am so proud that I always say we are identical, like three clones. I learn so much from them all the time and they make me enjoy each day. My children have taught me to value every moment and enjoy the present" Mauricio dixit.

Mauricio Chiandussi 8 - Roberto Verino

A leopard can’t change its spots

Mauricio Chiandussi 10 - Roberto Verino

Mauricio Chiandussi 11 - Roberto Verino

Top Secret

"I have always been a classic dresser and it is difficult for me to put on a pair of jeans and enjoy the comfort of running shoes. I look for and value well-designed clothing made from quality fabrics. This Father’s Day I am going to give myself a gift of the running shoes I am wearing in the photos and I will also buy myself the marvelous black leather windbreaker this season for sure. It has a perfect cut and a marvelous leather feel. I value the classic yet contemporary style and impeccable elaboration of Roberto Verino’s clothing a lot. They never go out of a style in your wardrobe”