Diego Guerrero


Here is the famous chef responsible for the great success of the “El Club Allard” restaurant, which was awarded two Michelin stars. Now on his own, Guerrero has managed to turn his own restaurant DSTAGE into a true culinary shrine on the Madrid scene ever since its opening in July of 2014. Born in the Alava region in 1975, he has earned two well-deserved Michelin stars and is one of the unmistakable references of the gastronomic panorama in Spain. www.dstageconcept.com


“I change my clothes for my work four times a day and I seek above all functional and comfortable clothing and, of course, quality. I prefer the necessary basics. My hobbies, like skating, surfing, music and motorcycles, influence my style greatly and add an informal and at times rock-and-roll touch. I also like the custom-made tailoring and love the clothing of the seventies”.

Editorial Chef Diego Guerrero 7 - Roberto Verino

INFALLIBLE STYLISMS “My winter uniform is made up of jeans and a sweater. I also like to wear a sweatshirt with a hood under a windbreaker or a classic leather bomber jacket. And to make a tailored jacket appear less formal, there is nothing better than a turtle-neck sweater”. “Delicatessen” SHOPPING “I must fall in love with a garment in order to buy it. I want it to surprise me and offer something extra special. I take advantage of my trips to New York to discover new labels and lately I am beginning to buy “on line”. One of my favorite multi-brand websites is farfetch.com”. Guerrero & Verino “I value the functional nature of the Roberto Verino clothing greatly. His style is practical and urbane, but the clothing is always elegant and somewhat sophisticated. The quality of these fabrics stands out and make this label a classic essential”. RECOMMENDED RV PURCHASES “This year I have selected a navy-blue wool waistcoat-type coat because of its very warm texture, a wool sweater with an alpine design and versatile leather slipper shoes, which can be worn during the day or at night”.