fashion Father´s day


Here is one of the great Spanish photographers posing as a model, together with his son.
A unique and moving portrait, which becomes something exceptional when he appears before the lens of his own camera.


Simón, an attractive 17 year-old, considers communication as the key to the relationship with his father, César Lucadamo, a well-known photographer and portrait artist.
“We have a very special relationship based on trust”, says Lucadamo Junior.
“He spends one week with me and another with his mother, although we are always in contact, because we live near each other”, explains César.
“His birth was one of the most incredible experiences in my life. Pure beauty and joy”, says this father, who is very proud of his son, who has already been signed up as a model for “Sight Management”. “Both of us are very easy-going and we share a lot of things in common. We like to talk and discuss all kinds of subjects. However, our perfect plan is to go to Camp Nou to see the Barça soccer team,” says Simón. “We will have lunch together on Father’s Day, says César. “I will give him a little gift for the occasion, but what we really do is show our love to one another and I think that is the very best gift possible”, adds Simón.

Roberto Verino - Día Del Padre 2 - OI2018 - 2

“I am a free spirit with my wardrobe and I do not follow any fashion dictates. My style is very casual and personal. I like natural fabrics and then add a touch of color”. “I would like to receive the green sweater I am wearing in the photos as a Father’s Day gift. I love the color”. “Roberto Verino is an elegant classic, an unquestionable reference for our ‘Made in Spain’. “I highly value Verino’s determination to offer quality fabrics. This is a very admirable trait nowadays, even more than before”.


“I like to be well-dressed and I would define my style as urban and contemporary”. “This season I want to buy a couple of polo shirts, a tech parka, a navy blue shirt and a shoulder bag”. “I have my sights set this season on a navy blue polo by Roberto Verino which has a small print at the collar”. “I know I can find the perfect gift for my father with this label, because what he really appreciates is good design and quality fabric.”