fashion Father´s day


We have placed one of the most famous fashion photographers in front of the lens of his own highly sought-after camera. What was the challenge? To immortalize himself with his son Raúl. An unprecedented portrait for celebrating Father’s Day with the family. Don’t miss our exclusive.


For this photographer with vast experience in the fashion business and with the top magazine covers in his curriculum, the best gift he ever received from his son Raúl -who is 23 today and a tattoo artist, actor and model with “Mad Models”- were the simple drawings he made at school when he was a child. “Now he just says: ‘Congratulations, Dad’, and that’s it”, says Aldabaldetrecu with a laugh.. “We have a wonderful and sincere relationship, as if we were two friends”, confesses Raúl, who also collaborates with his father on different productions, as he has specialized in “Editorial Illustration” and “Concept Art”. “We like to share musical moments together and motorcycle trips. Our ideal plan is: Sun, sea and reggae”, he adds. “Even though we are very different, I think that he resembles me a lot in the fact that he is also a perfectionist. I enjoy all the time we manage to spend together, especially when he shares his creative projects with me” Juan dixit.

Roberto Verino - Día del padre - OI2018 - 2

“My commitment to fashion is imposed by my profession, although I myself like to dress casually and comfortably. I try to avoid everything formal”. “This season, I will invest in a lot of t-shirts, white jeans and all-purpose white running shoes”. “For a Father’s Day gift, I would love the green linen blazer which I am wearing in the photos”. “I admire Roberto Verino who is always synonymous with quality and elegant design and his creations are good investments”.


“I don’t follow the trends. I am more of an “alternative” person and my style is closely linked to the Skate world”. “I am planning to buy: a short-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, overalls and a hat”. “From the clothing we shot in our photo session, I really like the floral shirt I am wearing and the pants, because they are very elegant”. “I would describe Roberto Verino as: “New Classic”, a term which I love. I highly value the outstanding quality of his clothing”.