Woman's Outerwear Autumn - Winter 2018-19



Woman's Outerwear

The large variety of outer garments which Roberto Verino is offering for this Fall-Winter 2018 season will allow you to look your very best on any occasion.

Jackets are a classic which have become a trend, so be sure to include them in your everyday outfits or office attire, for they add a touch of elegance and distinction. At the same time, double-faced cloth coats are essential to any wardrobe and they can enhance both a casual as well as a more sophisticated look. This year, light colors like blue, pink or burnt orange shades set the trend. Also, let’s not forget the leather outer garments; a black leather coat is always a hit.

If you are looking for functionality without sacrificing style, Roberto Verino’s long ski or quilted jackets are once again the best choices for dealing with the cold and rainy winter months.