Suits Autumn - Winter 2019




Gent Style

“Fashion know-how” is back in style and if there is a company which embodies this concept it is Roberto Verino with its exquisite selection of men’s suits. A men’s suit is something which can adapt perfectly to any situation, such as a sophisticated dinner, a wedding, or an important business meeting. It is synonymous with elegance and reflects that the man has a sense of style.

The men’s suit is made up of three pieces: pants, jacket and vest. Even though the vest is not worn as often today for practical reasons, because it can make one feel too warm, it is, nevertheless, still very popular.

Our suits are made from the best Italian fabrics on the market, especially the virgin wool, and feature different cuts and fittings to satisfy all the tastes and demands of our customers. They are very easy to wear and provide an impeccable and perfect look, particularly when combined with a classy pair of shoes.