Dresses Spring - Summer 2018




There is no doubt that a Roberto Verino dress can enhance a woman’s look: sophistication, elegance, originality, femininity … For this reason, Roberto Verino is offering for this Spring - Summer, an enormous array of possibilities in regard to designs and styles, depending upon your personality and your individual needs and tastes. Shirtwaist dresses, with a trench cut, are ideal if we want an urban air. The classic button-downs, in thin, flowing and chiffon-like fabrics, if we are more inclined towards a country look, are the perfect and most trendy options. If what you are looking for is comfort, the knit dresses are ideal for you. In bright colors or geometric and folk-inspired jacquards, the options are delightful and varied. Floral fabrics, whether they are prints or elaborate jacquards, highlight the collection of dresses, both in the sportier lines, as well as in those intended for dressing up special occasions. Asymmetries and lines that enhance the female body go well with these fabrics that are already highly characteristic of Roberto Verino.