Laura Ponte and friends
Laura Ponte and friends
Laura Ponte and friends
Laura Ponte and friends

Martina García Tenorio

Her extraordinary shop “Il Tavolo verde” is our meeting place. An organic café in the very heart of Madrid, it offers an exquisite selection of “vintage” objects and furnishings, together with a delicious vegetarian cuisine and promises to include dinners with live music on Friday evenings. Martina, its founder, is at the door to welcome us. “I admire Laura, her elegance and her modesty. Carlos is a lot of fun and a real whirlwind”, she says of her companions in this session. “I love this chiffon dress from the ‘Marhaba’ collection for spending an afternoon with my friends. I like its print and its movement”. .

Carlos de Troya

One of the leading floral “influencers” in the city and the founder of the company: FLORES Carlos de Troya, he makes a grand entrance. Nowadays, his projects for art galleries have turned him into a major floral artist. The unquestionable style of our male star and his smile have forged his personal hallmark. “I often wear bright colors and I like to add some accessory of sentimental value. In summer, my essential items are: the sarong, the djellaba, a guayabera and a cap. On my ‘wish list’ now are a pair of braided leather shoes, Verino-type slippers.” @florescarlosdetroya

Laura Ponte and Friends - PV2019 - Roberto Verino Laura Ponte and Friends - PV2019 - Roberto Verino

“Carlos is a very dear friend with sublime talent and exquisite taste. Martina is refined, sweet and unique, just like her place”. Laura Ponte

Rattan hat with black ribbon

Laura Ponte

Our best ambassadress and hostess this afternoon has just become the owner and creative director of a custom-made couture shop which bears her name and is the delight of the chicest brides on the Spanish scene. “My daily attire is very practical, pants and a shirt or sweater. If I have to attend a special event, I opt for a tailored suit with a shirt and a striking accessory”, says Laura. “The linen tailored suit, the oversize white linen shirt, a silk kaftan or several scarves are my summer essentials. I have chosen two Verino items for this season. I like his classic, low-key style”.


Laura Ponte and Friends - Merienda - PV2019 - Roberto Verino

“A leather shopping bag in a striking color is one of my next purchases” Martina García Tenorio