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We have converted this attractive father and photographer of top fashion models into a model himself, together with his most valued treasure: his daughter. And we have shared with them a photo session filled with complicity, laughter and, of course, a great deal of love. A perfect formula for celebrating Father’s Day.

“backstage” Confessions

In the studio of Rafa Gallar, a famous fashion photographer, everything is ready for a very special “shoot”. However, today the star is Rebeca Gallar, his eight year-old daughter. The young girl does not hesitate to say right off: “My relationship with my father is wonderful and I adore him”. On March 19th, she plans to spend the whole day with him.

“We are at a really great and enjoyable place in our relationship. I love to share everything with her. She makes me so, so happy”, says Gallar.

“My ideal plan with my father is to have breakfast together, ride a bike in the country, come home and then take our van to go camping”, adds Rebeca who resembles her father a great deal both physically and personality-wise. “She is more intelligent than I ever was. So now I am the one who learns from her”, insists the photographer. “When she was born, her mother had to spend several hours in Recovery and the two of us were left alone in the room. She slept in my arms all that time and I think that was the most wonderful moment in my life”, confesses this model father.

The Gallar
Style Code
  • 1. “Even though I work in the fashion world and am deeply immersed in this unique universe, I myself like to dress informally.”
  • 2. “My every-day uniform is jeans, t-shirts and neutral or dark sweatshirts that make it possible for me to get dressed quickly, but look just right”.
  • 3. “This season, I am going to buy a pair of black chinos and a fine napa leather windbreaker”.
  • 4. “I have Roberto Verino white jeans in mind as well, the ones I am wearing in the photos. I always wear black but they surprised me. They are very 1990s”.
  • 5. “A perfect RV gift?: The sandy color suede bomber jacket”.
  • 6. “This label maintains the perfect balance between elegant and sport”.
Roberto Verino - Día Del Padre 3 - OI2018 - 2

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