31 / 05 / 2016


Red shoes are a basic and should be found in every woman's wardrobe. Red shoes will cast a spell over any woman who dares to try them on. They will boost her spirits to unknown limits. Red shoes will provide that extra special fashion note you are looking for.

This year, as part of Roberto Verino's new footwear collection, we are introducing two red shoe models with very different heels so that every woman can feel comfortable, confident and sexy throughout the day.

We would like to make three suggestions as to how to combine our red shoes so that they will always look just right. They are two highly versatile models that can go well with almost everything.

With Jeans

Roberto Verino - Red Amberes pumps

Red Amberes pumps

This combination will allow you to show off your red pumps from morning to evening.

The model in the picture combines light blue jeans with a white fine knit sweater and we can see how the shoes stand out without clashing at all with this casual look.

With White

Roberto Verino - Red L.A. sandals

Red L.A. sandals

Be bold and add a touch of color to a totally white look with your red sandals. This is a very feminine and comfortable model, just perfect for women who cannot wear very high heels.

With Black

Roberto Verino - Black fitted knit dress

Black fitted knit dress

Win over your evening commitments with these red shoes. They are an ideal option for adding the finishing touch to your most feminine and elegant look. You can combine them with pencil shirts, sheath dresses, and endless possibilities to achieve a striking and unique look.

Are you ready to sign up for a Red Shoe summer?