01 / 05 / 2016


Roberto Verino - LETTER TO MY MOTHER

On a special day like today I would like to share with all of you a letter which the Spanish newspaper El Mundo published in its Sunday supplement, The Magazine, several years ago (4 May 2008)... and I want you to know that I still feel the very same way:

LETTER TO MY MOTHER: "Every morning I still continue to remember her and every afternoon when the sun goes down. It will always be that way…. My mother died last year, after suffering a long illness which kept her in bed, but which did not prevent her from keeping up her energy, her talent and her optimism. It may sound silly to say that I would never have accomplished anything in life without her, but there is infinite truth in that sentence, referring to the person who gave me life. I would also like to say that she continued to give me life each morning when I got up to go to work and every night when I went to see her.
All her life, even during her very last days, she looked at me and her eyes would say that she would always be with me. I always saw in those eyes, a look of approval, of love and of responsibility. It was the look of a fan, like only a mother could be, who demanded the utmost of you, that you never disappoint her and that you never disappoint yourself. This is my memory of her and the way to say that I feel she is still with me every day, helping me to get on with my life. And this is also the way I can tell her publically that I love her… and just how much I love her!"