22 / 01 / 2016

A well organized closet:

Roberto Verino - A well organized closet

It is very simple to have a well organized closet, with a little bit of thought and some effective planning. Follow these simple steps and your closet will look like those you see in home decorating magazines.

1- Store your garments according to seasons and put them in fabric bags or boxes, which allow them to “breathe”.

If you wrap them up in tissue paper, it will help to prevent them from turning yellow and getting caught on other garments while stored away.

2- Fold the clothing instead of hanging them up. This helps them to keep their shape while they are stored away and at the same time it will give you more space in your closet.

3- Use mothballs like those of cedar, lavender bags or naphthalene, to protect your favorite clothes from moths.

4- Donate those garments which you have not put on for more than one season to charity for all they do is take up space in your closet. You know you will never wear them again!

Roberto Verino - A well organized closet

Roberto Verino - A well organized closet