27 / 11 / 2015


Beige three quarter length lambskin jacket - Roberto Verino

It was a gray Saturday morning, but they do not change their plans to spend the day outdoors. It is highly important to wear the right shoes in order to enjoy a family get-together. Their faces reflect a little nervousness and insecurity. She chooses a very simple look as her best bet. There is never a second chance to create a good first impression. And ankle boots are just right for walking with a firm step. The key element is her lambskin jacket. It adds the perfect touch to a very sweet but also feminine look.

Green jacquard sweater - Roverto Verino

The taxi is waiting. He is impatient and continuously glances at the doorway. He is anxious to see her appear. A green sweater, a checked shirt and ankle boots. She climbs into the taxi. Her lipstick leaves a little mark on his cheek after she kisses him. The car starts up and the trip seems to last forever …

Roberto Vernio - Sábado