19 / 10 / 2015

A walk in Green Park

Short camel coat - Roberto Verino

He could not help himself. The next day the thought of her was the very first thing that came to mind. He could not stop thinking about the way she laughed. He knew now that he could live forever in her smile. In that precise moment, he received a message from her, showing that they were both thinking of one another: "Is it too soon to say that I am anxious to see you again?" He could only think of excuses to see her; he felt like the luckiest man in all England..

Roberto Verino - A walk in Green Park

Long brown coat - Roberto Verino

A coffee and a walk in Green Park. That was all they needed. She, with her ankle boots and jeans. He, with an English print coat and a mustard colored sweater. There was chemistry between them. And that is magic for the soul. We come in contact with thousands of people throughout our lives but there is chemistry with very few. You can tell from the way they looked at each other. When he listened to her, the rest of the world ceased to exist. She was his compass, the one who controlled the days and nights, the tides, the traffic jams and the transatlantic flights. It was all her. He had no doubts whatsoever. What quirk of Fate had now put his future before him?

Double breasted brown Princes of Wales coat - Roberto Verino