07 / 10 / 2015

The next day

 Roberto Verino - The next day

The next day, a candlelit dinner, in that small restaurant on the corner. He was waiting for her. And she appeared. Radiant and simply perfect. A floor-length red skirt with small black and white touches. A white blouse and her hair down...

Black raincoat - Roberto Verino

White cotton shirt - Roberto Verino

He is speechless, kisses her cheek and makes a toast: “To Fate that has made our paths cross”.

Long red checked jacquard skirt - Roberto Verino

They exchanged looks and affectionate gestures and suddenly they felt the urge to kiss. It was a mutual desire. But proximity often leads to nervousness. Doubt and insecurity often overwhelm us. Our senses are blocked and prevent us from receiving the signals being sent out. But everything was settled in a very simple way, which is the way Love should be. She looked into his eyes and confessed: “I would like to kiss you". That’s all that was needed and in that moment, the distance across the table vanished and Time came to a halt.

They had entered the restaurant separately. They left together.