14 / 09 / 2015


I will never be able to forget this summer of 2015 because in addition to it being filled with some wonderful personal moments, professionally speaking it has also represented an important turning point in my career. I still remember what he said and the words echo over and over again in my head, making me smile a thousand times.

- "We don’t have the Look Book and the agency will not give us a date until September!"

- "But that is impossible!" I said. "We cannot open without it."

- There is only one solution", he responded. "You do it."

I remember that my eyes opened wide in shock and I began to stutter:

- "What did you say? I have never done one ever before."

- "Well, it is the only solution I can think of. Take it or leave it!"

- "Okay. I’ll do. You can count on me."

And these words changed the course of my summer, of our summer...

I met with my staff and explained the situation to them. We had a very ambitious project ahead of us and we would have to do it in less than two weeks. Their enthusiasm and involvement knew no limits and thanks to them, in less than a week, we had the date set with our great photographer Mani Moretón, the models and the make-up artist. All we needed was the location which presented a serious problem at first, but then one hot July afternoon we found ourselves in the idyllic Pazo called Bentraces.

Mani Moretón y Roberto Verino

 Pazo de Bentraces

Do you know what happens when you assemble a group of people filled with enthusiasm and talent? You enjoy your work twice as much and you manage to create a Look Book of which you can feel proud. It will always be our first Look Book (the first for me and my staff) and it has truly been a pleasure for me to be surrounded by exceptional people in an extraordinary setting like the Pazo de Bentraces (recommended 100% for your “get-aways” to Galicia) in order to work on this important project. You can get a peek of it through our “Making Of” video.

 Signed by Cristina M.

Foto equipo - Roberto Verino Lookbook