12 / 08 / 2015

London is an inspiration

Roberto Verino

Our arrival in the city coincided with the typical cold and foggy day. But when the fog lifted, we discovered a bright and luminous Fall afternoon about which we had heard so much. It is incredible how the colors stand out in this unique light!

The air you breathe, the activity, the cosmopolitan atmosphere… all give you the feeling that everything is possible, from the most extraordinary ideas to the smallest details which can turn into a great adventure. Mornings are times of frenetic but not muddled activity… people know where they are going, they are confident about their work and secure in how the day will develop.

When it is time to stop for lunch, these same people know how to relax and put the events of the day in perspective in order to pay a visit to the nearby pubs. We see groups of young people spending a few special moments in animated conversation, hanging out with friends and having a bite to eat before returning to work.

In the afternoon, we visit museums, exhibitions, bookstores and shops with the most unexpected collection of objects, located in areas which in and of themselves are indeed worth a visit...

We have decided to go to the theatre tonight. We have heard a lot about the busy night life in London. We were also told not to trust the weather… it can be cold and it can rain. But in any event that is what winter is all about… and it is also what attracts us about the city: its cold, fresh air and its fog. And we have come prepared! Our party wear is warm, super comfortable and spectacular! I want it to be cold so that I can show it off!!

I will keep you posted about more things that are going on. I plan to write about everything we see and learn, so that I won’t forget any details about this great experience.

Best Regards!

Roberto Verino

Roberto Verino