06 / 10 / 2014

The actor Miguel Barberá assumes the role of photographer to investigate the cool classicism of Roberto Verino

Miguel Barberá, actor and photographer

Fall has just arrived and we are focusing on the new season, applying the final brushstrokes to draw the portrait of the latest Men’s fashion trends.

esencia-masculina 2 s

And in the center of the picture is the exquisite and cosmopolitan style of Roberto Verino’s Fall – Winter 2014-2015 collection. The delicate balance between Verino’s eternal classicism and urban sentiment brings us to the dynamic figure of a cosmopolitan man, with a movie star quality, Mediterranean bearing and British elegance, but with an eminently Spanish spontaneity and charm.

esencia 4 s


And this is how we have conceived of this new collection together with actor Miguel Barberá in this photographic session which highlights the male essence of Roberto Verino.

Following in the footsteps of many actors before him, Miguel Barberá was tempted to step behind the camera and today he surprises us with his first editorial fashion piece, which captures the unadulterated guidelines of the Verino Fall line.

The Hotel Hospes – Palau de la Mar of Valencia is the ideal setting for creating just the right atmosphere to define the Men’s Fall collection. The perfect combination of the classicism and the avant-garde of its architecture helps us to reflect the duality of today’s Man. A man whose life follows the dictates imposed by the city, the imperatives of his job and the pace of everyday life and so he seeks compensation through a more exquisite and refined use of his free time. He likes to enjoy a cup of tea, read a newspaper, stroll through a garden, watch the city from his window or relax at a spa. That devotion to the concept of beauty is translated into fashion with the selection of his wardrobe: he is a man who insists on the sophistication of the Fall basics (trench, coat, sweater) and the balance between classicism and modernity in his suits and, in particular, he demands top quality materials that make the texture and the soft caress of the fabrics a priority.


esencia 7 s


We can find all of these elements in Roberto Verino’s new collection for Men, which finds in this session a perfect “ally” in the beautiful, elegant and urban My Blüchers footwear and in the three models chosen for this session: Eme Chang Vergara, Jorge de Vaya and Fran Martínez, of @fashionartmgmt.


esencia 9 s esencia-masculina 10 s


Thanks to the collaboration of Fuji Film and Bocabadats Media, we can offer this “Making of” produced by Maite Martínez and Nieves Homedes in which we reflect the coolest classicism of Roberto Verino.

Art Production: Alex Villar
Photographer: Miguel Barberá
Styling: Moisés Canet
Make-up and Hairdressing: Carla Morales
Models: Eme C. Vergara, Jorge de Vaya, Fran Martínez @fashionartmgmt
Making of: Maite Martínez, Nieves Homedes
Location: Hotel Hospes (Palau de Mar)
Thanks to: Fujifilm, Two Comunicación, Hoteles Hospes, Ricardo Basurto -