27 / 05 / 2014


As you all know, I have been the Ambassador of Mazda 6 for a year. I am very proud to represent this brand name and its high values. Last Friday, I met with Mazda’s managerial staff to discuss a series of matters regarding our collaboration. Many new ideas emerged which you will be seeing very soon!

Roberto Verino

After the formal meeting, we wanted all the Mazda employees to feel as if they, too, were a part of this collaboration and so a little get-together was organized with them. I spoke to them about Roberto Verino as an entrepreneur and all the challenges and difficulties I have encountered during the 35 years of my career. Many of these experiences are applicable to any business endeavor regardless of the sector, and so I was able to make the Mazda employees feel that the fashion and automotive worlds are not all that different.

Roberto Verino and Natalia García, Mazda Communications Manager

I shared the stage with Natalia García, Mazda’s Communications Manager. Thanks to her and her wonderful staff, this collaboration is being carried out in a very satisfactory manner for both parties.

Roberto Verino and Chema Terol, Chairman and CEO of Mazda Iberia

I am deeply grateful to Mazda for this wonderful opportunity. And the best of all was the surprise they gave me! I received an award as a Mazda collaborator directly from Chema Terol, the Chairman and CEO of Mazda Iberia. It was a beautiful sculpture representing the KODO design. KODO is the new design language used by Mazda, inspired by the rapid movements of animals and people, the instant in which an accumulated force is released. These moments contain an exquisite combination of power and functional beauty. These instantaneous flashes of power, speed and controlled tension transmit an elaborated and seductive beauty which Mazda has been able to apply to the designing of its cars.

Roberto Verino and Mazda team

We concluded the morning with a delightful cocktail party during which the Mazda employees made me feel as if I was a part of the company, too.

Roberto Verino and Mazda team