02 / 08 / 2013

Let’s go on holiday!

130729 01 playa

Summer holiday is coming: back to the beach, to travel and of course to pack your bags. Before facing the arduous task of deciding which garment is to be worn or not, we will particularly focus on the indispensable clothes, which can be left behind on no account.

The first thing to bear in mind is that temperatures may cool down wherever you go. So a jacket will not be superfluous...

130729 02 blazer

Shall we go on? Do not forget to bring in the suitcase some basic T-shirts of different colours, one blouse, some trousers (jeans or coloured), shorts, one dress wearable day and night, and some flat and wedge heeled sandals.

130729 05 camisetas

130729 03 shorts

130729 04 vestido rojo

And remember that basic clothes increase the possibilities and accessories make the difference. So let's go!

130729 06 bolsos