22 / 07 / 2013


We celebrate the launch in our boutiques of our new perfume: RV Pure Woman, the female version of RV Pure Man. And the model Le Call was specially chosen to embody this fresh and seductive fragrance.

Le Call is the image of the new perfum RV Pure Woman

RV Pure is a fragrance inspired from the seductive power of a self-confident woman with a strong personality and absolutely attractive. In order to transmit these values, the designer Domitille Bertier has been able to convert Pure into a green floral perfume.

Its top notes perfectly match the pink pepper, galbanum heart and violet leaf absolute. Then come the heart notes with the water lily, mimosa and Damascena rose. As for the bottom notes, the white musks, cedra and moss harmoniously combine.

Bottle RV Pure Woman

With regard to the Visual, Gonzalo Machado photographed the American model Le Call in a urban environment, thus showing a very feminine and self-assured woman with, despite everything, a masculine touch. This is exactly what Pure Woman is: Purity of what is explicit. What can be seen must be seen...

Pure Woman model Le Call

The coral pink colour of the box and bottle ideally combines with the bright steel grey. Together they constitute the antithesis which perfectly defines this fragrance.

Box and bottle RV Pure Woman

Have you already tried RV Pure?