15 / 03 / 2013


In the flair of the skirt that resembles a flower, in the spirit of the high waisted tailored suit, in the flip of a fan, Roberto Verino values everything Spanish. Seductive and passionate men and women. Elegance begins in the design studio; layered fabrics, artisan finishes and exquisite details to value the flirtatious and sensuality reminiscent of the delicious PIN UP of Vargas and haute couture of the 50's.


foto 1

In this collection, Roberto Verino reflects the history of the brand, the image that during years is his insignia: vibrant men and women, seducers with charisma and ethnic strength. Great models, actresses and dancers who are protagonists in his catwalk shows and campaigns. Names that represent Spanish culture and whose personality and character contribute to make history, collection after collection.


foto 2

As the last touch, the street scene; men and women who are another source of inspiration. Modern people with class and above all who are real. Men and women who enjoy wearing Roberto Verino because they feel distinguished and confident.


foto 3