21 / 12 / 2012

The time has come for parkas

We take advantage of Santa’s imminent arrival to present you a very pretty warm, comfortable and functional garment: the parka.

plumas01 78 323

Be it long, short, flashy or dark or neutral colored, with or without hood… A wide range is available to suit all tastes.

plumas02 azul rojo

plumas03 negro beige

What began as a convenient garment before skiing has made room in our wardrobe to become urban and chic.

plumas04 plumas dorado

Remember that a good parka must be quilted with feather or down (which keeps you warm) and fit tightly since it looks better when zipped up and is more stylish if worn open.

plumas05 plumas negro

Well, are you ready to be parka fashionable?