19 / 10 / 2012

Roberto Verino in private

He has been delighting us for more than 30 years with his fashion designs for men and women matching them with his lines of accessories, perfumes, eyewear, ceramics and wines. With his recently opened online shop and the launch of the new fragrance “Gold Diva”, he reveals some of his “little secrets”:

1. One place to lose yourself in:
Himalayas, the most fascinating place in the world.



121018 foto 1
121018 foto 2

2. One movie:
“Belle de Jour”… and not only for the excellent wardrobe.

3. Favourite city:
Paris… is always Paris…

121018 foto 3


4. Nobody knows that…
I am shy person who hides his shyness…


5. He admires…
Giorgio Armani


6. One passion:



121018 foto 4



121018 foto 5

7. Gastronomic whims
Fatty tuna

8. If he would not have been fashion designer, he would have been...
a painter, a musician or an architect… in that order exactly.