11 / 10 / 2012

Exhibition “Trend Hunters” in CentroCentro

Last weekend, we visited the recently opened exhibition "Trend Hunters" which offers a photo and audiovisual tour encompassing all the leading creators of Spanish fashion over the last four decades.

Commissioned by fashion critic, Pedro Mansilla, the exhibition takes place in CentroCentro, Palacio de Cibeles – Madrid. It looks back from Adolfo Dominguez to Vittorio&Lucchino alphabetically, reaching a total of 67 own names of the Spanish fashion world. 67 names and 76 years have passed including the first image of Balenciaga to the last, "El Colmillo de Morsa", and obviously, Roberto Verino could not be missed.

Through pictures and audiovisuals with different interviews with designers, the exhibition offers "a close look over a century of Spanish fashion, especially because it had been agreed upon by every designer"

After ending in March 2013, "Trend Hunters", will become a book of compiled photographs edited by Lunwerg.