06 / 06 / 2012

ROBERTO VERINO presents an intelligent store new project

ROBERTO VERINO, in his store on Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona, has developed a new project of the intelligent store for his Spring-Summer 2012 collection, based on the inter-acting of last generation technology.

The store on Paseo de Gracia has made available new elements designed to give priority to the commercial function and personal style of the company to make the customer´s experience more pleasant. It plays with three concepts totally internalized with the ROBERTO VERINO collections: SURPRISE, SEDUCE AND EXCITE.

When you enter the store you see a small display case that combines the physical with the virtual and shows the essence of the collection taking us near those breathtaking destinations which have seduced us to create the collection which we call Iglass. It is a display case with ROBERTO VERINO products inside, and using a LCD panel without black light, one manages to fuse the digital contents with the products in the collection.

On the first floor, in the menswear department, a signage ultra-panoramic digital screen has been installed , which when on stand-by, shows the last Cibeles catwalk show. This is our virtual fitting room. Our store sales team can surprise our customers by using a Tablet and inviting them to see our products in the collection but appearing on the ultra-panoramic screen. The customer may also wish to visualize herself/himself on the virtual fitting screen with the selected items thanks to a computer vision software.

On the lower level is the woman´s collection. The bid is re-enforced by creating impressive audiovisuals in the fitting room but looking for interactive reactions with the customers.

By means of RFID technology implanted in all the products in the store and the fitting rooms, it is possible to detect those items which our customers decide to take into the fitting room making it easier to suggest combinations. They have the option to look at other items and navigate through the collection without leaving the fitting room. The screens are connected to Tablets so our sales personnel can receive customer requests and take them other garments they wish to try on.

Since all the products are tagged with RFID, the internal processes of the store are improved and as they are integrated in the store´s payment system (POS), it is not necessary for the sales person to scan the barcode at the cash register to close the sale.

This Intelligent Store project in Roberto Verino has been developed within the Project AISHOP financed by the European Community in its R&D Plan in collaboration with the University Pompeu Fabra, AITECH, KEONN e IMAGIC VISION. Besides, this is a Project co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce within the National Plan of Scientific Investigation, Development and Innovation Technology 2008-2011 (Expedite number TSI-020302-2010-110)