27 / 03 / 2012

Roberto Verino. Cibeles Spring Summer Collection 2012: We snuck backstage!

Come and see Roberto Verino Spring Summer Collection 2012 from a different angle: the fitting room, makeup and hair, and everything that happened around Roberto Verino's Fashion Show at the 54th celebration of Madrid Fashion Week.

It all begins the day before the Fashion Show, the models are listed in the exclusive space for Roberto Verino at Cibeles for the fitting. Each model check the passes of the collection to be presented on the runway and perform the fitting to verify that the clothes fits perfectly.



In the fitting room, Roberto Verino in personally checks everything is under control. This is one of the key moments before the runway and every detail is taken care of.


The day of the show a dress rehearsal takes place. With the invaluable help of the seamstresses, the models are fitted. These are moments of excitement, tension, and hard work.


Makeup and hair is another of the key moments before the fashion show. Professionals prepare the models for the runway shaping the selected aesthetics for collection.



Jon Kortajarena and Beatriz Matallana


The fashion show is about to start and the models receive the finishing touches.


Roberto Verino makes sure that everything will go perfectly.


The fashion show begins and Jon Kortajarena runs backstage. The model is the star of the Roberto Verino show and works fast to change and return to the runway.



During the fashion show, Backstage work non-stop.


The pace of work continues until the end, the models are given the final touches of makeup and hair and rush to the runway one last time.



After the show the emotion is overwhelming. It is time to begin preparing for the Autumn Winter Collection.